current work

In 2.x branch, the code was too big, with too many global variables, so was indeed difficult to maintain. The 3.x branche is a progressive rewrite in object oriented style, which allow better architecture design, and unitary tests.

incoming releases

new features

new parameters

Adding new parameters (acl posix for example) is very difficult. The database should be adapted , in next major branch (3.6.x)

report format

add other report format : XML and html

daemon mode

for now, afick works as a batch job. The idea is to allow a daemon mode for a "real-time" alert. On UNIX, my first idea is to use fam (File Alteration Monitor) ...

improved features

gui interface

a very simple gui is now available (afick-gui), but it should be possible to have more informations (stats ?).

remote administration

a webmin module is now available, but can sure be improved.
see also rfc

clean Debian package

I am a Debian newbie, so my Debian packages are not completely cleaned : lintian still complain about.
So, if somebody can help me ...

remaining problems

on windows

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