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afickonfig - a tool to manage Afick's config files


afickonfig is to change parameters in afick's config file, in a batch way. It can add, replace, remove any components (macro, alias, directives, rules) It was designed to work with same options names as afick (directives).

Note : in the current version, it can checks some arguments syntax before applying,

The idea came from the "postconf" utility from postfix.

SYNOPSIS [options] [action] [macros] [alias] [directives] [rules]

afick use posix syntax, which allow many possibilities :


if run without arguments, afickonfig will just check the default config file


options are used to control afickconfig

--config_file|-c configfile

read the configuration in config file named "configfile".


only check config file syntax and exit with the number of errors


check config file syntax, clean bad line, and exit with the number of errors


Output summary help information and exit.


display parameter value, do not change it


Output full help information and exit.

display internals variables after arguments and config file parsing (for debugging purposes)


Output version information and exit.


add debugging messages


add PATH directories to rules


add libraries directories to rules (linux)


change database path in config file to new "standard" (windows)


actions are used to change afick's configuration


if set, allow rule overload (the last rule wins), else put a warning and keep the first rule.


if set, auto-control files (afick scripts, config and database) are stored as relative path.

--archive|-A directory

write reports to "directory".

--database|-D name

select the database named "name".

--debug|-d level

set a level of debugging messages, from 0 (none) to 3 (full)


(do not) report full information on new and deleted directories.

--history|-y historyfile

write session status to history file


ignore case for file names. Can be helpful on Windows platforms, but is dangerous on Unix ones.


(do not) warn about files declared in config files which does not exist.

--max_checksum_size|-S size

fix a maximum size (bytes) for checksum. on bigger files, compute checksum only on first 'size' bytes. (0 means no limit)

(do not) warn about dead symlinks.

if set, do checksum on target file, else do checksum on target file name.


(do not) warn about "running" files : modified since program begin.


(do not) Print timing statistics.


If true, send also the report to syslog


If true, report in the summary section, one ligne by file change


If true, display all attributes changes, not only those selected by rule. To make a difference, attributes from rules will have a "w_" prefix (warning), and other attributes will have a 'i_' prefix (info).

--exclude_suffix|-x "ext1 ext2 ... extn"

list of suffixes (files/directories ending in .ext1 or .ext2 ...) to ignore.

--exclude_prefix|-X "pre1 pre2 ... pren"

list of prefix (files/directories beginning with pre1 or pre2 ...) to ignore.

--exclude_re|-R "pat1 pat2 ... patn"

list of patterns (regular expressions) to ignore files or directories


macros are to be set in afick configuration format (see afick.conf(5)) : '@@define macro value'


aliases are to be set in afick configuration format (see afick.conf(5)) : 'newrule = attributes'


directives are to be set in afick configuration format (see afick.conf(5)) : 'directive := value'


rules are to be set in afick configuration format (see afick.conf(5)) : 'file alias'


if no config file on command line, afick try to open /etc/afick.conf (Unix) or windows.conf (Windows) as default config

for config file syntax see afick.conf(5)


afickonfig may

change a config

if it can find an old config

add a config

if it does not find a previous value

remove a config

you just have to specify a parameter without any value. the old line is commented


To use this program, you can run it with same afick command line options : -c afick.conf --timing --norunnig_files --debug=1 --archive=afick_archive

or the same command in configuration file syntax : -c afick.conf 'timing := 1' 'running_files := no' 'debug:=1' 'archive:=afick_archive'

or a mix of all syntaxes -c afick.conf --timing 'debug:=1' '@@define BATCH 0' 'newrule = p+u+g' '/tmp newrule'

to remove lines, give an empty value

afickonfig -c afick.conf 'debug:=' '@@define BATCH' 'newrule=' '/tmp'

to display a value, use --list -c afick.conf --list 'timing:=' 'database:='


this program only use perl and its standard modules.


afick.conf(5) for the configuration file syntax

afick-tk(1) for the graphical interface

afick(1) for the command-line interface

afickonfig(1) for a tool to change afick's configuration file

afick_archive(1) for a tool to manage archive's reports

afick_learn(1) for a learning tool


all warnings go to stderr


The exit status is the number of real changes


no specific configuration file






(none known)


Copyright (c) 2002 Eric Gerbier All rights reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.


Eric Gerbier

you can report any bug or suggest to

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