afick components

afick core

It is the only mandatory component : perl scripts, with many options to be executed in a console. It is composed of : The default configuration is to set a daily (batch) run.

afick core 3

Afick's code is now too big, and is difficult to read and maintain. Afick 3 is a progressive rewrite, in object oriented mode, to have a better code.

graphical interface

It is an optional component, which allow to configure, run, and analyse the results, in graphical in perl/Tk. This is the natural interface for windows users.

afick on cdrom

If you want to have a higher security, you have to put the code and the database on a read-only media. This component contains the code and documentation to start this kind of architecture.

webmin module

The webmin module allow to configure, run, and analyse the results from a distant computer, with a web browser. It is a very common way on UNIX, but it should also work on windows.


Afick is a good tool : in case of attack, it will warn you, but probably late (on next run, daily ?)
On the anti-virus model, I begin to work on resident tool, which should warn when the file is modified. On Unix/Linux, I will use gamin (a File Alteration Monitor implementation), which ask the kernel to be wake up when a file is modified. It is used in file navigators (nautilus, konqueror ...) and in others security tools, such as fail2ban. The code is just in a very early stage for now.
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