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AFICK (Another File Integrity ChecKer)

Afick is a security tool, very close from the well known tripwire. It allows to monitor the changes on your files systems, and so can detect intrusions.

It's designed to be quick and portable. For now, it has been tested on but it should work on any computer with perl and its standard modules.
Afick is now composed of different parts (packages) : The 2.x branches is no more maintained.
open-source software on Gnu General Public Licence
name version status date
afick 2.22 obsolete 2012-11-09
afick 3 3.6.0 stable 2017-12-08
afick-gui 3.6.0 stable 2017-12-08
cdafick 1.3 stable 2015-05-13
afick-webmin 1.10 stable 2015-05-13
afickrt 0.1 alpha
Eric Gerbier Eric Gerbier

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